Biographical information
Date of Birth

March 15th


Snowpoint, Sinnoh; Mahogany Town, Johto


Johto Army

Physical description

150 lbs





Hair color


Eye color



Father: Mark, Mother: Vera Volkovna, Brother: Isay, Sisters: Katya and Sheska, Uncles: Yuri and Maksim Volkov, Cousin: Yakov Yurivich

Romantic interest(s)

Shea Gallagher


Petya the Tyranitar, Stas the Electabuzz, Mitya the Beartic

Yuliana Markovic is a member of the Johto Army, removed from active service to support after receiving an injury to her shoulder. After finding out she was pregnant, she was completely removed from duty, officially on the account that the injury to her shoulder was only being aggravated by her continued service. Currently, she is living with Shea Gallagher's daughter, Aislin, and her nanny in Cianwood.


Firm and self-assured, Yuliana is not a woman who appreciates being pushed around. She has a long memory of those who mistreat her and doesn't forget such things lightly. Violence is not something she shies away from and will use brute force when she deems it necessary. On the other hand, she is fond of affection and is gracious as well as protective for those she cares about. This has earned her the nickname of "Mama Bear" from more than one person.

Despite her usual coolness, Yuliana is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to people she's close to. Even if the reason has little to do with her, she takes it deeply personal when those people withdraw from her. With the events of the war, this has been a dangerous trait for her.

However, Yuliana can be a lively woman who enjoys good vodka, dancing, and having fun.



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