The Great War was a large conflict between rival countries Johto and Kanto , lasting from the early 20th century to 1910.  The conflict ended in a stalemate between the two countries, after a mysterious creature named Mew caused all weapons to cease functioning. 


The Great War was fought by two major countries, Johto and Kanto.  

Johto's allies were Hoenn, Holon, Orre, and the Sevii Islands, while Kanto's allies were Sinnoh, Fiore, and Oblivia. 


Tensions between Johto and Kanto had been high for as long as both countries could remember, but as Johto began to grow as a significant power, Kanto assassinated a prominent politician in an attempt to stem the rise.  Johto uncovered the plot and immediately declared war on Kanto. Allies were formed as both nations amassed their resources.  

The ensuing conflict lasted for four years, and although it was mainly fought on the border of Johto and Kanto, battles sprung up all around the world.  Both sides brought new technological advances into the war, such as the airplane and the machine gun.  Submarines devastated enemy shipping, and destroyers were quickly adapted to remove the seas of the threat.  

The Great War ended abruptly on May 18, 1910 as all firearms, cannons, and explosive devices suddenly failed to work.  Aircraft and car engines still ran without issue, but all weaponry was now useless.  

Although some conflict still continued through this issue, such as the action of JNV Celaeno vs. KNS Golbat, but both sides quickly lost interest in continuing.  A truce was declared, and the war ended with a stalemate, both sides claiming roughly equal losses.  


As the war ended with no clear winner, tensions remained high in both factions.  After several years, the Johto military began to experiment with new methods of combat.  Soldiers and sailors recalled terrifying stories of bloody encounters with the wild creatures that inhabited the world around them.  In 1937, Johto created a device that could capture these monsters, and tame them enough to obey orders given by their captors.  Johto officials captured hundreds of Pokémon for training .  Kanto soon copied their capsule design, and a new arms race started.  Thirty years after the official end of the Great War, an anonymous attack caused these tensions to break, and on 22 June 1940, war was once again declared.