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The Wikia page for the universe of End Run, a Pokémon Original Character Tournament set in World War II. As rival countries Johto and Kanto go to war, they begin to shape the very future of the Pokémon world.

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About End RunEdit

End Run is a fictional original character tournament, or OCT, on DeviantArt.  Set 160 years before the events of Pokémon Red and Blue, the world is divided up into two factions: one pledging allegiance to Johto, the other Kanto.  With guns and explosives mysteriously disabled, each military uses creatures known as Pokémon as weapons against the enemy.  

End Run was a seven round OCT that officially ended on 11 October, 2013- two years after its formation.  Information may be added or edited to fit the plot.

Latest activityEdit

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